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What happens when you don’t let your eyes feel BLUE

What happens when you don’t let your eyes feel BLUE

Remember the days when if you were prescribed anti-glare/anti-reflection glasses while you worked on screens; it meant soda glasses, ugly frames, and the laughter you would get from your colleagues and friends?

It was a total no-no!

But let’s face the reality, living in the digital era, we are working long hours on our computer screens and are often glued to our handsets. It’s inevitable.

As a result only more blue light is beaming into our face.

Eventually, this makes our eyes will feel tired, become red, and would make them ache until the devices are turned down. This is called Digital Eye Strain (DES) i.e. eye discomfort which is caused by looking at the screen for more than 2 hours at a time.

Though the natural blue light is not all bad; in fact is good during daylight hours because it boosts attention and mood; unfortunately, we humans are constantly bathing in artificial light instead, which is BLUE. Too much exposure to this light especially at night, suppresses the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that regulates the sleep cycle.

Also, the blue light emitted from devices like computer screen and smartphones have an even shorter wavelength and therefore scatters more easily vs. other visible light. This causes tremendous eye strain.

In addition to the above, over-exposure to blue light also increases risk of certain types of health disorders including diabetes, obesity, depression and even cancers.

So say hello to Anti Blue Glasses!

We at MacV have our glasses filter out the higher end of the blue light spectrum. We also add an anti-glare coating on the top to reduce the eye strain.

Also, these glasses are adorably chic and super fashionable. So it’s all win-win!

Wear these glasses while using devices, driving, and also on your happening day out. These glasses are small miracles. Your eyes will feel more rested and your style will get you great compliments.

So we would recommend these to anyone concerned about the digital eye strain – Some of the good options to try on from our range would be:

MCV3929 – A choice to make when you intend to leave a lasting impression. Sunglasses with cool Blue lenses and Silver frame are perfect blend of style and functionality.

MCV3930 – Full rimmed sunglasses with Golden lenses that are sure to make heads turn around.

MCV3681 – Brown lensed sunglasses that are ideal for both men and women who intend to stand out in style while protecting their peppers.

MCV3682 – Shining silver lenses adorned on full rim frame that makes a style statement.

MCV3616 – The perfect Black pair that never goes out of style. Unisex sunglasses that is ideal for all in every season.

MCV3617–Exude your coolness with these breezy blue sunglasses. It’s a great trend to catch up on!