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Critical while picking Sunglasses – Polarization & UV Protection

Critical while picking Sunglasses – Polarization & UV Protection

If sunglasses are your fashion gadget, then polarized sunglasses are like a tool to fine-tune your vision while indulging in any activity of your choice! Every outdoor enthusiast or people with light sensitivity must own at least one pair of sunglasses that are polarized. Whether you go boating, skiing, playing golf or simply driving in broad daylight, polarized lenses reduce the reflected glare thereby providing great comfort and protecting your peepers from bright light.

But ever wondered how polarized lenses work? Well, here’s the science. When light is emitted from the sun, the waves are unpolarized. That means that the light waves are (essentially) vibrating in all directions at once. When the light enters the Earth’s atmosphere it is filtered in a way that it is polarized, or vibrating in one direction. However, when light is reflected off on something, it changes polarization to vibrate parallel to what it is reflected off on for instance flat objects like roads, bodies of water, etc. All of this combines to un-polarize the light waves again, thereby creating glare.

The coating on polarized lenses serves as a filter to block out the light that isn’t polarized vertically. Polarized lenses have an inlaid filter that helps block such reflection, thereby enhancing your visibility.

Also, other benefits of owning polarized sunglasses include reduced strain on your eyes, keep fatigue and redness under control and avoid long term eye hazards. Finally, polarized lenses can help to improve your safety in your day-to-day life. By reducing glare on snowy or damp roads, your polarized sunglasses will help you to be able to see hazards in your way. This is particularly true if you already have vision issues or have recently had eye surgery.

There are ways to check whether the lenses are polarized or not. One way is to hold your sunglasses so that you can view the surface from one of the lenses. Then rotate the sunglasses to a 60-degree angle, to check if the glare gets better or worse. If the lenses are actually polarized, then the glare will diminish. Another way of checking this is to use the online polarized lens simulator. If your lens is polarized, then the colours brighten, visibility is enhanced and most importantly, glare is as good as zero.

In addition to polarization, another very important factor while selecting sunglasses is UV Protection. Sun emits UVA, UVB & UCV radiations. Direct and excessive exposure to these radiations could lead to permanent damage to the eyes. To ensure you are getting complete protection, look out for sunglasses with UV400 label. These ensure 100% protection from UVA and UVB radiations, becoming an instant hit among fashion and health enthusiast. All the MacV sunglasses are UV400 positive.

So don’t just compare the cost while choosing the right pair of sunglasses. Treat this as an investment; and an important one.

And who says you have to compromise? All MacV Sunglasses are UV 400 and a wide range of trendy sunglasses are polarized. So go ahead and take your pick that is not just stylish but also safe