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Saving a few bucks on sunglasses? You are damaging your eyes

Saving a few bucks on sunglasses? You are damaging your eyes

It’s almost winters, and time to pull out the regular winter day accessory- sunglasses! However, don’t make the mistake of buying cheap sunglasses available at your nearest outlet or online. While the prices may appear way too good to be true, these sunglasses can cause pretty serious and permanent damage to your eyes.

Sunglasses are not just a mere fashion accessory, but an investment in the long run. So here’s all that you need to know when buying a pair of sunglasses.

The high amount of harmful ultraviolet rays that are invisible to our naked eyes are the leading cause of skin cancer and vision damage.

In most cases, cheap or locally available sunglasses are not UV protected. This not only puts your peepers at very high risk but also proves of no help when stepping out on a sunny day.

Another feature that proves beneficial and enhances visibility is polarized lenses. When light reflects off a smooth flat surface, such as ice, landscape or concrete roads, it scatters in all the directions making your eyes squint.

A pair of sunglasses with polarized lenses have an inner filter that blocks such reflections, thereby enhancing your visibility. Good quality sunglasses have the same reflective index of both the lenses. However, cheap ones might not have the same reflective index, leading to major vision impairment.

Last but not least, is the quality of glass used in sunglasses. On one hand, where locally made sunglasses use cheap and poor quality of glass, a well-branded sunglass like MacV is made using a high-quality glass of international standards. Needless to say, the impact it has on our eyes is much larger than we realize.

Now that we know why owing a pair of branded, high-quality sunglasses is important, let us not waste any more time browsing through the cheap ones!

MacV sunglasses are famous for using high-quality glass that meets international standards, the frames are versatile and tested for durability. The variety in terms of lens colours, styles, temple prints, and the framed prints that MacV has will spoil you for choice.

Go ahead and browse us through now. Each product description has categories, features, benefits, and details mentioned. This makes it easier for you to navigate and shortlist the best pair of shades based on all your criteria.

So, happy Sunglasses Shopping for you!