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Do’s & Don’ts for Sunglasses

Do’s & Don’ts for Sunglasses

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that sunglasses have become an integral part of our everyday fashion. A pair of wisely chosen sunglasses could either enhance your professional and personal image, while the wrong ones could take it all away!  Even the people who don’t have weak eye sight opt for clear glasses these days

Whether you are an occasional user of sunglasses or a regular one, it is better to know the Do’s &Don’ts of selecting the perfect pair. Mentioned below are some, for your reference:

1. DO consider the shape of your face

Just because a pair of sunglasses looked fab on a model, doesn’t mean they will look great on you too. The shape of your face determines the kind of sunglasses you must opt for. A lot of eyewear businesses offer virtual “try-on” feature on their website, which allows you to see how different frames/ sunglasses look on your face. This helps customers make informed decisions.

2.DO choose safety over fashion

If keeping your peepers safe and away from pollution is the objective, then make sure you don’t buy cheap glares from local department store. They must be sturdy – with polarized lenses, enhancing your vision and offering protection from dust and pollution.

3.DO take care of your glasses

If the lens has too many scratches, the frame is bent and metallic/ plastic coating is chipping, then it is time to invest in a new pair of sunglasses. Just like we take care of an expensive outfit or footwear, eyewear is no different. The better you take care, the longer they last.

4.DON’T ignore quality

Compromising on the quality of sunglassesis compromising on the health of your eyes. You don’t necessarily have to buy a 200$ worth of sunglass to ensure quality. If it offers UV protection, polarizd lens, is comfortable to wear and branded, it is a good buy.

5.DON’T shop without prescription

If you have a weak eye-sight or any other medical condition pertaining to eyes, then it is best to shop keeping your prescription handy. The quality or thickness of lens plays a very important role in enhancing the clarity of your vision. It is recommended you get a vision-check just before buying prescription glasses online.

6.DON’T neglect maintenance of glasses

Sunglasses need to be cleaned regularly with a soft piece of cloth. They also need to be handled with care, given their fragile nature. This helps in making your glasses last longer.

So go ahead and dive into themagical world of sunglasses.