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Know your style Girls!

Know your style Girls!

Style has a different meaning for different women. For some, style is a luxury while for some it is a way of living. And when it comes to sunglasses everyone is equally confused. As someone rightly said, ‘Give a girl the right sunglasses, and she can conquer the world’. So it is really important that you know which style best suits you and complements your personality.

If you belong to the confused group of girls unsure of your definitive style, continue reading and you just might discover your style.

  • Wayfarers

Does your Instagram bio mention the word ‘wanderlust’? Are you a traveler? Then Wayfarer is the way to go. The iconic frames of wayfarer will make you fashionable in any situation. Be it a beach or a mountain peak, you will look cool while clicking that perfect selfie.

Wayfarers are most flattering for people with round and oval faces because the square of the frame complements the wearer’s features. Also, consider your skin tone when choosing the color of the sunglasses.


  • Retro

For all the fashionistas out there it is time to go retro. The retro sunglasses were considered to be at the peak of fashion in the 80s and like all good things from the yesteryear, they are making a coming back. If you are looking for something that is edgy and gives off a vintage vibe to your style, choose retro sunglasses.

Be it a photo-shoot with friends or a theme party, you can never go wrong with retro sunglasses.


  • Cat-eye

To all the bold and strong females out there, we raise you the cat-eye. If you have several places to be, people to meet and deals to close, you can trust the cat-eye to keep an eye on your fashion statement. We highly recommend the cat-eye frames for professional women.

The elegant style of the shades builds an aura of power, authority &class that adds a perfect blend of razzle-dazzle to your overall style. As bold as your personality, cat-eye glasses will make you stand apart.


  • Aviator

Are you the mysterious type? You prefer to stay in rather than partying. Well, you can add a splash of mystery to your style with aviators. If you don’t like to experiment with your look, simply put on your aviator and go to that music festival you have been planning to visit for a week.

You can pair them with graphic tees, denim and sneakers for a classic casual look or with a plain shirt, shorts & slip-on for a laidback yet fashionable style! These glasses are not restricted to a particular face shape and that’s the beauty of it. Aviators define versatility.


  • Reflectors

How can we forget the colorful kind who changes the mood of the room just by walking in! Yes we mean you, the optimistic kind who wears their heart on their sleeves; you can wear reflectors on your face. We know you like to look at the bright side, co-incidentally, reflector sunglasses actually offer a brighter vision to the wearer.

If you are adventurous, sporty and full of enthusiasm then reflectors are the perfect companion for you.


Being stylish is all about wearing something that makes you feel good (and look great) and when you know your style, it becomes easier to make a statement that is guaranteed to turn heads everywhere.

And remember, your smile is the most beautiful accessory you can wear, closely followed by sunglasses!