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Have questions about Anti-Blue Glasses? We’ve answered them!

Have questions about Anti-Blue Glasses? We’ve answered them!

As we are now moving towards a digitally-oriented society, screen usage is only going to increase and become imperative. With work from home, online schooling, digital entertainment and more, we nowadays spend 80% of our time on smartphones; So, just imagine how much blue light we are being exposed to!  This change in lifestyle makes Anti-Blue Glasses imperative for us.

Anti-Blue Glasses protects your eyes from harmful blue light emitted by these devices. It helps you combat problems like strained eyes, headaches, physical fatigue, poor sleep and more.

Need more convincing or still have some questions about Anti-Blue Glasses? Let us answer those for you:

Question 1: Who should wear Anti-Blue Glasses?

While these glasses were already popular with office workers and gamers, the pandemic has had a pronounced effect with nearly everyone absorbing more and more digital blue light than ever before, hence from right from a school kid to young professionals and elderly family members, everyone who uses electronic devices should definitely opt for the Anti – Blue Glasses.

Question 2: Do Anti-Blue Glasses actually work?

The absolute answer is Yes! Anti-Blue glasses sure do help in preventing the harmful and damaging effects of blue light emitted from your screens thereby protecting you from the direct side-effects like fatigue, poor sleep, headaches etc. Having said that, the habit of wearing these glasses should be coupled with some lifestyle changes like restricting screen time, taking periodic breaks, doing some eye exercises etc. if you want long term benefits.

Question 3: How do these Anti-Blue Glasses work?

The Anti-blue light glasses have specially crafted lenses that are set to block or filter out the blue light coming from digital screens. They help to protect your eyes and reduce the potential damage to your retina that can be caused by prolonged exposure to blue light.

Question 4: Can you wear Anti-Blue Light Glasses all day, every day?

Yes, you can wear blue light glasses all day. It has no side effects whatsoever. The blue light coating on the glasses is safe and subtle and accommodates most vision correction levels. Hence, these can easily be your “everyday” glasses.

Now that most of your questions are answered and you know how imperative it is to own a pair of Anti-Blue Glasses, go ahead and buy one, for the love of your eye! We at MacV offer Anti-Blue Glasses for women, men and kids. Check our latest collection especially for your eyes only!