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Polarized vs. Non-Polarized Sunglasses: Know the Difference!

Polarized vs. Non-Polarized Sunglasses: Know the Difference!

Have you seen ‘polarized sunglasses’ in the market (online or offline) and wondered why are they so costly and what is so special about them?

You’re not alone.

Polarized lenses were developed by NASA scientists to protect astronauts from space radiation. But over the years, it has reached the common people’s eyes and is used by many fashionistas.

The thing that makes polarized lenses special is the thin chemical filter that eliminates harsh light that’s reflected off shiny surfaces.

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Now, are polarized sunglasses better than non-polarized sunglasses? What’s the difference between them and which one is better?

Non-Polarized vs. Polarized Sunglasses – The difference

The major difference between polarized and non-polarized sunglasses lies in how they impact your eyesight while in the sun.

Polarized sunglasses will reduce the amount of glare, while non-polarized sunglasses will not.

Non-polarized lenses treat all sunlight equally and reduce the overall intensity. On the other hand, polarized sunglasses filter ambient light and go further by cancelling out bright reflected light (glare).

So, does that make polarized sunglasses the ideal sunglasses for all occasions?

Well, No!

In fact, what gives polarized sunglasses its unique function, also gives them some limitations.

Polarized lenses don’t perform as well as non-polarized when it comes to reading digital screens or displays. Thus making them unpopular among pilots.


Below are some pointers that highlight their key aspects:

Benefits of Polarized Sunglasses:

  • Blocks glare
  • Increased contrast and clarity
  • Ideal for boating & driving in the day
  • Reduce eye strain

 Benefits of Non-Polarized Sunglasses:

  • Less expensive
  • Easier to view LCD screens
  • Objects like white surfaces are more true to colour
  • Ideal for pilots and operating heavy machinery


Both polarized and non-polarized sunglasses have their unique benefits and functions. Whether you choose polarized or non-polarized sunglasses comes down to your preferences — and how you plan to use your shades. Many people gravitate toward the perks of polarized sunglasses, while others prefer non-polarized frames for a view that’s closer to that of the naked eye.

But wouldn’t you prefer to have all the options in your collection and be ready for any circumstances?

After all, why just have one when you can have both! And whatever you choose, we have a pair for you.