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Here’s why Sunglasses are so important in Winters!

Here’s why Sunglasses are so important in Winters!

Winter brings out joy, excitement, cold temperatures and dry skin. It’s the season of sweaters, hoodies and hot chocolate.

But it’s not essentially known to be the season of sunglasses.

Why bring out your shades when it’s not summer, right?


Sunglasses play an equally important role in protecting your eyes in winters as they do in summers.

Just because you can’t feel the heat, doesn’t mean your eyes do not need protection and comfort.

Here’s why…

UV rays are just as intense (even more)

Summers are notoriously known for causing damage to the skin and eyes due to UV rays from the sun. But don’t be under the impression that since the sun is not as bright in winters, UV rays aren’t a big issue.

While the sun can be elusive during winter, the UV rays are just as intense. In some cases, the colder months actually bring a risk of double exposure to UV rays. In winters, the sun is at a different angle and is lower in the sky than during the summer. This is why UV rays can be more intense during winters.

Ideal for winter activities

Winters are the best time to take a vacation. You’ll be inclined to partake in various winter activities that cannot be done at any other time – like hiking, trekking, skiing etc.

So you’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors, increasing your chances of exposure to harmful UV rays. By wearing sunglasses during your outdoor activities, you can prevent damage to your eyelids and, more specifically, the skin around your eyes. When worn regularly, sunglasses can also reduce the formation of premature wrinkles and fine lines, scaly red patches, brown spots and tough leathery skin.

Sunglasses prevent snow-blindness

We all love to visit Shimla – Manali and rejoice at the sight of bright white snow. But did you know that snow reflects up to 85% of the sun’s UV rays back into our eyes?

When you take a trip to the snowy areas, the risk is double. The snow acts as a mirror and reflects a second dose of UV into your eyes. This can cause sunburn on the cornea, which is sometimes referred to as “snow blindness”. And if you are planning to hit the ski slopes or just walk on a snowy surface, there’s also the risk of glare which is reflected light that can hinder your vision and cause discomfort.

They protect from wind and dust

Not just snowy mountains, the number of people visiting the beach during winters is also quite high. While the sun isn’t as punishing and the cold breeze is very welcoming, there are other things to worry about – like the dust, dirt etc. that gets accumulated into your eyelids and causes trouble.

Sunglasses effectively block the dirt and prevent windblown particles from causing corneal abrasions. They also create an effective wind barrier and reduce the evaporation of natural moisture to help keep your eyes comfortable, which means your eyes will feel less irritated and will not be as red. Plus they can also keep your contact lenses from drying.

Be it switching up the wardrobe or altering the diet, we all take special care to manage and enjoy winters. But not many think about the necessity of protecting the eyes during winter.

Sunglasses are an accessory that must be used all year round. They make the perfect addition to accompany your winter vacations by blocking out glare, wind, dust and UV rays.

Not to mention the awesome selfies you will get that’ll fire up your social media.

So be wise and add a pair of sunglasses to your list of essentials now and make the most of the breezy atmosphere