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Here’s what happens when you wear Anti-Blue Computer Glasses for a month!

Here’s what happens when you wear Anti-Blue Computer Glasses for a month!

Have you ever found yourself experiencing headaches and eye strain after spending most of your time behind computer screens? Well, you’re not alone!

In this day and age of digital spectacle, we spend most of our time interacting with computers more than humans (and right now, we have to deal with all social distancing). Also, after hovering behind computer screens for work/study hours, you probably spend the rest of your time behind smartphones screens – who doesn’t? And there’s, of course, the late-night reading and binge-watching sessions.

These random headaches and strain you experience are caused by something other than your work pressure and lifestyle. The real culprit here is the blue light that emerges from almost all digital screens.

Let’s see what blue light is and how it affects you….

What is blue light?

All visible light we humans see contains the entire spectrum of the rainbow, from red to violet. Within that spectrum are blue light waves, which are said to help us stay alert and upbeat.

We get plenty of blue light waves each day from the sun, digital screens and even from light bulbs. But we don’t spend our time staring at the sun or a light bulb do we?

Our excessive exposure to computer screens and smartphones creates some severe issues.

How does blue light affect you?

Prolonged exposure to too much blue light, or exposure to blue light at unnatural times of day (*ahem*, also night), can definitely throw off your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle. That’s why many people have trouble falling asleep after using phones or watching TV right before bed: They’ve been taking in blue light, which tricks their bodies into thinking it’s daytime. Also, for kids, the excess exposure to this blue light can result in long term/ permanent eye damage.

Also, research suggests that blue light may also be responsible for retinal damage and increase the risk of age-related macular degeneration or AMD, which causes vision loss as people age and is a top cause of blindness in the US.

So what can you do to escape the blue light? Well, the foremost and obvious thing would be to lessen your screen time. But that won’t be doable for now as we all (including kids) are dependent on screens for working and entertaining themselves.

So we suggest you our anti-blue computer glasses that are specifically designed to protect your eyes from the harmful and irritating effects of the blue light.

Our anti-blue computer glasses

We have a wide array of anti-blue computer glasses tailored for your ophthalmic as well as fashion needs. Here are some of them.

MacV Aviators MCV3681 (unisex)

If you don’t want to compromise your style for safety, you can treat your eyes to this stylish pair of aviators. Apart from complimenting your fashion persona, the anti-blue lenses relieve you from long term eye strain caused by excessive use of digital devices. Make your office hours little more bearable and in style.

And if you work the night shift, then you must add these glasses to your list of essential items.

MacV Wayfarer MCV3960 (for kids)

Today’s kids are tech-savvy. They’re well versed with all the latest technology that is used in our daily life. So it’s no surprise that the digital generation spends their time behind digital rectangles rather than playgrounds. And convincing them to stay away from their computers or TVs is a battle you will lose.

So take the help of these wayfarers which block out the blue light and hence prevent the suppression of melatonin – the hormone that regulates the sleep cycle. Plus the colourful design is a bonus for kids. And we all know that a well-slept kid is a happy kid.

MacV Round MCV3981

And if you’re looking for subtlety, we have got you covered. Embrace the geeky side of you with the unisex Round eyeglasses. They are the perfect accessory for your midnight binge-watching and reading sessions. These glasses not only protect your eyes against the harm caused by the blue light but they also complement your ‘coffee shop visit’ look.

We do have various other styles and features, you can choose your favourite from here.

Now let’s see what happens if you decide to wear them.

The Benefits

Apart from reducing eye strain, the use of anti-blue computer glasses can enhance your focus and make your eyes feel more awake. This can also boost your productivity since your eyes will not be impacted as much due to higher-than-average computer use.

No more rubbing your eyes between working/learning hours. The glasses will provide the ultimate comfort and relaxation – this, in turn, could be beneficial for overall health.

Wearing Anti-Blue Computer glasses can also be used for combating age-related macular degeneration (AMD). They tackle AMD by preventing blue light from wearing down your eyes and they’re also known to help improve early AMD symptoms, such as blurry vision.

You will find yourself less irritated and the absence of midday headaches will work wonders for your mood. Not to forget all these glasses offer UV protection as well, so it’s a win-win.

God has not blessed us with beautiful eyes to cope up with these harmful rays, so let’s protect them.

So, if you decide to wear these anti-blue computer glasses even for a month, you’ll find yourself way less stressed and if your eyes could talk, they’ll thank you!